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  • 1 How can I pay for your logistics services?


    We accept various payment methods including cheques, bank transfers, and online payment platforms. Our team will provide you with detailed payment instructions based on your preference.

  • 2 How can I track my shipments?


    You can easily track your shipments through our tracking report. Upon booking, you will receive a daily tracking report which you can use to monitor the status and location of your cargo.

  • 3 Can I specify a delivery date when ordering?


    Yes, you can specify a preferred delivery date when placing your order. Our team will do its best to accommodate your requested delivery schedule and ensure timely delivery of your cargo.

  • 4 Any advice for a first-time shipper?


    For first-time shippers, we recommend to reach out to our customer support team for personalized assistance and guidance throughout the shipping process.

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